Free Writing

Another Lesson Learned


Words cannot describe how incredibly depressed I am right now.

Hubby and I spent half of the day yesterday going over the rough draft of the first chapter of my book. I had no less than 20 different comments and around 50 highlighted areas to edit.

There is no doubt in my mind that I saved this document. Multiple times. Before I turned off my laptop and went to bed I thought, “I should email it to myself or something just in case,” but I thought I would be safe.


………. Regrettably, everything is gone. I pulled up my document, and all of those edits, comments, and highlights were gone. I searched through my recent documents and got zip. What’s odd, is that my Chapter Breakdown document is fine. All off the notes I wrote down on that were saved.

It’s almost as if my laptop decided to roll back to Tuesday’s version of itself when it turned on, yet keep one document from yesterday saved.

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. I guess I can only blame myself. I was using Open Office. Guess I need to find a more reliable software program. Or maybe a more reliable laptop. Or maybe I should just make multiple copies in multiple places. *sigh*

Another lesson learned. The hard way.


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