Soul Weaver -Excerpt- NaNoWriMo

Since I decided to add a small excerpt in my profile on the Camp NaNoWriMo website, I figured I could go ahead and share it here as well. I’m still working on a good quick summary but here’s the description I have so far:

Magic isn’t just based on the four natural elements. It’s based on the emotions and spirit of the caster. Those who can master them all are said to have the ability to manipulate life and death.
Dubbed “weavers” by the king who wants them eradicated, and hunted to near extinction by mercenary groups called the Arakunrin, magi in the land of Teralinda are reluctant to learn and share their magical knowledge.
Their only salvation lies in the spirit of a young weaver desperate to master her powers. Haunted by childhood memories, Ellie’s emotions threaten to consume her. With the help of an unexpected ally, Ellie must master the life and light within her if she is to bring hope to the land and become a Soul Weaver.

SoulWeaverBookCovernoblurb“She felt it again. The warmth that spread through her chest and down through her arm. Closing her eyes, she searched herself and focused on the sensation. The intensity grew and she recognized which emotion it was. She grasped the locket around her neck with her free hand. Knowing the magic wouldn’t work if she allowed other emotions to cloud it, she picked clean the strings of fear and pain. Leaving only the purified sadness to flow through her heart.

The heat inside her became more focused. Stronger. Hotter. Thoughts of her mother flooded her memory and a tear spilled down her cheek. She willed the magic to go further, pushing her grief down through her extended arm. Opening her hand, she directed the magic to a point in the center of her palm and chanced a peak. A tiny ball of liquid blue fire hovered and danced in her hand, the wet flames licking her fingers. She closed her eyes again, struggling to maintain control of her emotions, and commanded the flame to obey. The liquid fire grew larger, threatening to engulf her entire arm. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her brow and chest from her efforts and her breathing became ragged. In the cool night, the warmth of the flames sent goosebumps down her body. She opened her eyes and smiled. The blue fire that had enveloped her hand dwarfed the light from her camp fire and cast a blue hue over her surroundings. Bringing the locket to her lips, she kissed it and whispered, “I’ve finally done it.”

The crack of a snapping branch broke her concentration and the blue fire vanished with a small splash. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light of her nearby campfire and she controlled her breathing. Droplets of sweat were trickling down her brow and neck, pooling between her breasts. She released her locket to hang once again around her neck. Ignoring the small wisps of hair that tickled her cheeks and clung to her damp temples, she took on a defensive stance. She reached for the dagger on her belt and strained to hear breathing from the unknown presence that she knew was hiding behind her.”



3 thoughts on “Soul Weaver -Excerpt- NaNoWriMo

  1. Thanks! I promise I’m not plagiarizing. 😉

    Actually, I think most fantasy novels have similarities between them. I’ve already had to be very careful to not go in the same direction as a few of my favorites *cough*SwordofTruthSeries*cough*. lol
    Unless you’re going the full out knights and dragons route (or your current camp novel with shape-shifters and the like), anything involving magic will likely have the same undertone. I think that’s a good thing though, because it gives us readers a solid base to start from when we read, and then the author gets to mold it as we follow along. 🙂

    I just really hope that my MCs story doesn’t wind up being the same! I think we’d need to seek medical help if we shared brain waves like that! LOL

    How many novels have you written?


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