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Frozen Hottie – You noticed it too, don’t lie.

So once again I find myself watching Disney’s Frozen to appease my daughter. While it’s a lovely movie, and I’ve pretty much memorized the lyrics to every song; hubby and I mainly enjoy it for the game we play during Elsa’s “Let it Go” number.

When she runs up the ice stairs she creates, we start counting down to the point where she goes from “kinda cute” to “total hottie”. I’m a woman, and even I noticed it.

I may be a bad person for noticing this. I may have spoiled this movie for others. I may have been ruined by the internet.

But I can’t POSSIBLY be the only person to have noticed this.

Frozen Hottie





















Our guess is that Disney did this on purpose for all the fathers out there who were dragged along to the theaters with their little girls. You gotta admit, it was a nice “thanks” from Disney to give a little eye candy like that.


One thought on “Frozen Hottie – You noticed it too, don’t lie.

  1. Drawingablank says:

    or it could just be a example of a Caterpillar turning into a butterfly.. for some a “Big Bang” is the only way to get their attention (men can be a little dim sometimes 😉 )

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