Break’s Over – I’m Motivated!

When WriMo was over, I was 115,805 words into Soul Weaver. When December was over I was 128,739 (minus 1,132 words for a quick edit.)

I had planned to finish the book in January. I only had about 3 chapters to write before I could finally type THE END. But I got burnt out again, and started pushing off my writing like I did after Camp.

Just when I was thinking of taking the month of January off (as a much needed break), someone from the NaNoWriMo forums finally replied to my character sketch request I posted back in November.

Needless to say, I’m overjoyed. Thrilled. Excited. And jumping for joy to see my main character come to life. It’s like seeing my own mental image jump out of my mind and onto my computer screen.

And now I’m motivated to finally finish Soul Weaver. I think break time is over. I think I’ll actually finish this thing in January like I had originally wanted to.

You guys can check it out here. This phenomenal artist goes by the name ~ hragon ~ on Tumblr and the WriMo forums.

Here is a link to the image. Go check it out. Send him some love. He’s made character sketches for other writers as well. He’s a great artist. I truly appreciate what he’s done with Ellie. I’ll definitely be printing this out and likely framing it. 

You can click the link or the image below to go to his page.


Ellie - Drawn by hragon. Fellow writer and phenomenal artist on Tumblr.

Ellie – Drawn by hragon. Fellow writer and phenomenal artist on Tumblr.


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