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Time Flies While my Writing Stalls….

Has it really been 7 months since I’ve last updated this thing? Wow…time flies.

I am still unemployed, but I’m making the best of it by being a full time student again. I’m finally finishing up my college education. Going for my double major in Accounting and Business Management.

I haven’t even touched Soul Weaver.

Well, that’s not completely true. I have. I honestly don’t know why, but I can’t seem to write that last chapter.

That’s it! Just ONE MORE CHAPTER and this thing will be FINISHED! But for the last 7 months I’ve dreaded touching it. I open up my scrivener just to stare at all 72 chapters. Every time I think “This is it, I’m going to finish it!” I draw a blank, get major writer’s block, and stall. Then I start doubting the entire book. “It all sucks! Why bother finishing it!?”

Then I just close down the program and push it away for another month.

The most I’ve really done on Soul Weaver is tweak the cover – yet again. Even that was done back in February after I was laid off. This version was to just lighten it and make it more easily readable. Especially in a thumbnail version (what you’d see on Amazon), the black lettering was very hard to see.


SoulWeaverBookCoverLightenedMedSize SoulWeaverBookCover426x567

Will I finish Soul Weaver this year? I’d like to. But I’ve been saying that for 7 months now. Who knows, maybe when NaNoWriMo comes back around it will finally motivate me again. Right now I’m kind being a little laissez faire. In the meantime, at least I’m being productive.

But you know what makes me feel even worse about it all? I haven’t read a single book since I started writing Soul Weaver. Seriously. A year and a half and I haven’t read a SINGLE BOOK. Originally I had the mind set that if I read another book, it would influence my writing, but now I’m almost wondering if that’s why I feel so dry when it comes to my own book.

Things to ponder…..

Kudos to you for reading all the way through my own musings. Thank you. ❤


Dealing with one of Life’s Lemons

The old saying goes: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

Well, life has handed me a lemon, but I prefer a more modern approach. “When life hands you lemons, stick them in your shirt and make your boobs look bigger.”

Unfortunately (or fortunately I suppose), I already have big(-ish) boobs, and I’m pretty sure lemons wouldn’t make them look any better. So what’s a gal to do when life hands her a lemon as big as the one I’ve been handed? I could stick it in my pants and pretend I’m a guy for a day, but I don’t think that’d solve the problem either.

I ramble on about lemons because life has thrown a big curve ball at me which has seriously deterred me from my writing. The company I work for has lost a major contract so, of course, that means downsizing. Me being one of the most recently hired, means I’m also the one most recently fired. Or let go. Whatever they call it.

So for the past week or so I’ve been job searching. In my downtime I’ve let off steam by playing video games. Just something to take my mind off of things, ya know? Writing requires a certain amount of concentration that I just can’t handle at the moment. So until I get back into the employment groove, I’m taking a break.

I’m starting to hate saying “I’m taking a break” because I’ve already been working on Soul Weaver for almost a year. Now it’s going to be even longer. Good thing I don’t do this for a living eh?


So for anyone who follows my blog, I’ll have more updates on Soul Weaver soon. I am incredibly close to finishing it and I still have a goal to be completely edited and heading towards publication before the end of the year. So that’s not changing. But for now, I have other things to focus on. Things like supporting my family with some sort of income. Life and its’ lemons….sheesh….I tell ya….




Break’s Over – I’m Motivated!

When WriMo was over, I was 115,805 words into Soul Weaver. When December was over I was 128,739 (minus 1,132 words for a quick edit.)

I had planned to finish the book in January. I only had about 3 chapters to write before I could finally type THE END. But I got burnt out again, and started pushing off my writing like I did after Camp.

Just when I was thinking of taking the month of January off (as a much needed break), someone from the NaNoWriMo forums finally replied to my character sketch request I posted back in November.

Needless to say, I’m overjoyed. Thrilled. Excited. And jumping for joy to see my main character come to life. It’s like seeing my own mental image jump out of my mind and onto my computer screen.

And now I’m motivated to finally finish Soul Weaver. I think break time is over. I think I’ll actually finish this thing in January like I had originally wanted to.

You guys can check it out here. This phenomenal artist goes by the name ~ hragon ~ on Tumblr and the WriMo forums.

Here is a link to the image. Go check it out. Send him some love. He’s made character sketches for other writers as well. He’s a great artist. I truly appreciate what he’s done with Ellie. I’ll definitely be printing this out and likely framing it. 

You can click the link or the image below to go to his page.

Ellie - Drawn by hragon. Fellow writer and phenomenal artist on Tumblr.

Ellie – Drawn by hragon. Fellow writer and phenomenal artist on Tumblr.


It’s Been a While….

I realize it’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog. I’d say that life has been busy for me, but that would only be a half truth.

If I’m to be completely honest with myself, I backed away from writing for a while. I pushed myself harder than I ever had before during April’s Camp NaNoWriMo, and I not only got burnt out, but I lost hope. I kept telling myself that my writing wasn’t going to get anywhere, and I let myself step away for a while.

In this end, this was a good thing. Because now Novemeber’s NaNoWriMo is going to be underway in a few short weeks, and you know what? I think I’m ready.

I’ve read through the 65K words I’ve already written for Soul Weaver, and while I’m able to spot many places that need some detailed editing, I’ve also refreshed my mind on the story and where it was going.

I don’t know if I have exactly 50K words to write for November’s WriMo, but I know I can come darn close. Not to mention I can always edit to get the last few thousand in.

Do you know what I miss though? I miss the writer’s group I became a part of back in June. It’s a shame that I can’t continue it. It’s a shame that they never got a chance to critique Soul Weaver, because I honestly think that would have been good motivation to keep writing these past few months.

Anyone know of any good online writer’s groups out there?



Is This Writer’s Block?



I saw this tweet today by one of my favorite people to follow and I thought it was a great idea.

I’m stuck. Really stuck. I’ve only managed to write around 1,000 words over the past two weeks because of how stuck I am.

It’s not writer’s block…..per say….I think….maybe…

It’s not knowing where to go with the scene I’m currently writing. I’ve created a situation where I have no idea how to go about it. My characters are about to go through a pretty heart-wrenching scene, where one of the main characters is going to learn a lot, and it’s a pivotal point that will change where the story is going.

The problem I’m running up against is my ignorance of tactics. Military tactics, stealth tactics, and how my characters will handle the situation they’ve been put in. I have no idea how to go about it.

I know what I need to do is probably draw a map or something so I have a visual of what’s going on. It would make it easier to see exactly what steps they should take.

Or maybe I should just skip ahead and write the next scene (or chapter) and come back to it later. The only issue I have with this is that I’m pantsing right now. I haven’t drawn out any sort of plot map and my writing so far as been linear. I don’t know how well I would do with skipping this part.

This is one of those times where I need to bounce some ideas off of someone.

Or maybe I should start plotting. Not sure if that would help though.

Maybe I should write a bit of flash fiction and take a break from Soul Weaver for a bit. Recover a bit more from Camp WriMo.

Maybe I should read….that might spark some ideas. *sigh*

In the meantime, I’ve been working on designing a website and practicing on the guitar. I need to clear my mind.

What do you do when you’re stuck like this?


Soul Weaver -Excerpt- NaNoWriMo

Since I decided to add a small excerpt in my profile on the Camp NaNoWriMo website, I figured I could go ahead and share it here as well. I’m still working on a good quick summary but here’s the description I have so far:

Magic isn’t just based on the four natural elements. It’s based on the emotions and spirit of the caster. Those who can master them all are said to have the ability to manipulate life and death.
Dubbed “weavers” by the king who wants them eradicated, and hunted to near extinction by mercenary groups called the Arakunrin, magi in the land of Teralinda are reluctant to learn and share their magical knowledge.
Their only salvation lies in the spirit of a young weaver desperate to master her powers. Haunted by childhood memories, Ellie’s emotions threaten to consume her. With the help of an unexpected ally, Ellie must master the life and light within her if she is to bring hope to the land and become a Soul Weaver.

SoulWeaverBookCovernoblurb“She felt it again. The warmth that spread through her chest and down through her arm. Closing her eyes, she searched herself and focused on the sensation. The intensity grew and she recognized which emotion it was. She grasped the locket around her neck with her free hand. Knowing the magic wouldn’t work if she allowed other emotions to cloud it, she picked clean the strings of fear and pain. Leaving only the purified sadness to flow through her heart.

The heat inside her became more focused. Stronger. Hotter. Thoughts of her mother flooded her memory and a tear spilled down her cheek. She willed the magic to go further, pushing her grief down through her extended arm. Opening her hand, she directed the magic to a point in the center of her palm and chanced a peak. A tiny ball of liquid blue fire hovered and danced in her hand, the wet flames licking her fingers. She closed her eyes again, struggling to maintain control of her emotions, and commanded the flame to obey. The liquid fire grew larger, threatening to engulf her entire arm. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her brow and chest from her efforts and her breathing became ragged. In the cool night, the warmth of the flames sent goosebumps down her body. She opened her eyes and smiled. The blue fire that had enveloped her hand dwarfed the light from her camp fire and cast a blue hue over her surroundings. Bringing the locket to her lips, she kissed it and whispered, “I’ve finally done it.”

The crack of a snapping branch broke her concentration and the blue fire vanished with a small splash. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light of her nearby campfire and she controlled her breathing. Droplets of sweat were trickling down her brow and neck, pooling between her breasts. She released her locket to hang once again around her neck. Ignoring the small wisps of hair that tickled her cheeks and clung to her damp temples, she took on a defensive stance. She reached for the dagger on her belt and strained to hear breathing from the unknown presence that she knew was hiding behind her.”



I did write today, I swear

Not that anyone else but myself is holding me to my daily writing commitment, but I wanted to assure everyone that even though I didn’t post anything in my blog, I was able to write quite a lot today.

Tomorrow, however, may be a different story. I feel like I’m getting some kind of stomach bug. It’s been creeping up on me for a couple days now and for the past few hours, I’ve been fighting dizziness, what could quite possibly be considered a migraine, and the urge to vomit.

Time to get some rest.