Free Writing, Writing Prompt

The Distractions Writers Face with Bird Feathers.

Today’s writing prompt comes from Sarah Selecky‘s daily writing prompt email.

Write a scene that involves bird feathers.

Enter Title Here When Done

She set about to get some work done. She’d been pushing it off all day…..

You know what, I really don’t feel like writing. Honestly…today is one of those days. I’ve felt like crap all day….nix that – I’ve felt like crap for the past week. It’s my stomach. It’s been bothering me something fierce. How is it that when I find an easy prompt to write, my mind draws a blank? Is that considered writer’s block? And if it is, would me rambling on right now be considered free writing? Maybe in the hopes of busting that block and allowing my creativity to flow so that I can actually write about the prompt itself? I don’t know, and a part of me doesn’t care. My stomach is currently telling me how much it hates being a part of my body……ohhhhhh there we go, I could use that…..

She’d been pushing it off the entire morning. Her stomach had been protesting against…….

annnnddd I just got interrupted by the phone….now my toddler is wanting to color and is asking me for her crayons. Okay, I got this….I do.

Her stomach had been protesting against the meal she’d had at that so-called ‘fancy’ restaurant. The dinner itself had been wonderful, but had she known the effects she’d suffer afterwards, she would have chosen somewhere else to spend her 5 year anniversary with her hfhdisao;gdfa

Sorry….sorry….that was my dog. It just jumped on the couch and decided it was interested in the small glowing screen on my lap.…………………………………………………………………oh, um, that was my finger. My husband started watching an interesting show on Netflix and I stopped typing to watch. I’ll admit that it was Top Gear. I know chicks don’t normally like cars, but it’s the British version, which is the best version. Of course anything British is always best. Their TV shows, their tea….oh my, their tea. Mmmmmmmmm. Sometimes I wish I’d been born in Great Britain…..oohhh!! I could use that!

Even if she’d known the effects the ‘fancy’ restaurant would have on her, she’d thought her husband would have at least taken them to her favorite place. Although on the other hand, her husband probably realized her obsession with “A Little Taste of London”, which was her favorite place to have a cuppa, and wanted to take her somewhere new.

You know, my stomach is killing me and I’m just not into this right now. You can tell can’t you? Ok, let me get some Tums to settle my stomach and I’ll be back in a flash to quickly wrap this up.

Suddenly bird feathers rained down from the sky because a meteor had crashed into a flock of crows. She looked up into the sky and regretted blaming her husband for the raw steak she’d insisted on eating rather than making a scene. The meteor crashed into the earth and wiped out all of humanity.

Sorry, I know that was crap, but I had to catch up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds and The Walking Dead just came on.