Luvinia Writes – Stories

Raw Unedited Short Stories

Prompted Shorts: Written in 2014 before I began working on Soul Weaver

Eat Your Vegetables – Or Don’t

I Should Have Called in Sick

Threadbare Argument

Past Writing: Written between 2005 and 2006. Inspired by a fellow writing friend, I had a plethora of stories in my head, more like emotions, that I wanted to squeeze out of my heart and put on paper. I had loved writing when I was in school and wanted to get back into it, so I wrote a few short stories here and there.

Looking back on my old writing makes me cringe, but I refuse to edit them in any way. I want to be able to read back on the rawness of my feelings and crude writing style.

The Chronicles of Sigh My favorite of the bunch. I may come back to this series and rewrite them.

Friendly Romance Prompted by a conversation with my crush

Bittersweet Nightmare Promoted by a true dream

Answered Prayer Random story idea, I loved this one.

At Long Last Again, promoted by a conversation with my crush

I Know You’re Alone Sadly, based off a true story

When My Son Flies Based off a true story

The Morning After Random story idea about the morning after partying

The Chair Based off a true story

Last Words True story. 100%

Jail Break Random story idea about a jail break

Enemy Mine Based off a true story


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