Eat Your Vegetables – Or Don’t

Today’s writing prompt comes from Writer’s Digest

While shopping downtown one day, you find an antiques store that has a rare, old doll. You buy it for your daughter. A few days later she tells you her new toy can talk. You don’t believe her, until one afternoon you find yourself alone in the house, and it starts talking to you. Write this scene.

Eat Your Vegetables – Or Don’t.

“Lexy, come downstairs for supper, baby!”

Kendra scooped a ladle full of her daughters favorite food on a plate and smiled as she added a trio of broccoli flourettes, preparing her side of the argument she knew would come from it. She placed both plates on the dinner table and called one last time, “Lex-!”

An adorable blonde girl stood behind Kendra, interrupting her, “I’m right here, Mommy.” The pre-schooler took note of the number of place settings and threw an accusatory look at her mother, “You forgot Bianca’s plate!” Lexy carefully placed a small porcelain doll on the chair next to her and climbed up into her booster seat.

Kendra steeled herself and placated her daughter by making sure to place a miniature plate in front of the chair that belonged to her daughter’s favorite toy. “Oh yes, I’m sorry,” she said as she took her seat, “How could I forget Bianca?”.

One glance at the green color on her plate brought forth an expected whine, “Mooommmmyyyy, you gave me yucky stuff.”

Kendra didn’t miss a beat, “Yes, and you have to eat it for Mommy because I made your favorite!”

“But Mommy, my favorite isn’t spaghetti anymore.”

“Not your favorite anymore?” She didn’t expect that response, “Then what is your favorite now?”

Lexy picked at the broccoli, moving them to the edge of her plate. “Bianca says her favorite is brushetta, so that’s my favorite now too,” she stuck her tongue out in disgust, “not yucky broccoli.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Kendra mumbled. Ever since she had picked up the little porcelain doll from the antique store two weeks ago, her daughter had certainly thrown a few curve balls her way. She knew when she saw the doll during her trip to Paris that Lexy would adore it. The doll was almost a perfect twin of her daughter; the curly blonde hair, rosy cheeks, thin lips, and even the color of their eyes made them a perfect match. As soon as Lexy saw it, she squealed with delight and wouldn’t stop thanking her mother until she passed out in her bed with her dolly tucked safely under her arm.

The following night brought the first curve ball when Lexy had said the doll told her that her name was Bianca. Kendra couldn’t for the life of her figure out where Lexy had ever heard that name before. She blamed herself for letting her daughter watch too much TV and didn’t think much else about it. Shortly after that, Lexy insisted that Bianca refused to do anything without her. They slept together, ate together, and even bathed together (although Kendra was able to convince her daughter that water wasn’t good for porcelain, so Bianca would wind up sitting on the counter watching Lexy splash in the bubbles.) A week went by before Lexy started asking her mother about her trip to Paris, and Kendra had a few more curve balls thrown at her when her never-even-left-the-city-in-which-they-lived daughter would describe with accurate detail the places in Paris that even Kendra hadn’t known about until she researched it online. Kendra convinced herself that her 4 year old daughter had simply caught an episode about France on the Travel Channel. Knowing that Bianca was a gift from Paris, why wouldn’t an episode on the beautiful city interest her curious baby girl?

Kendra spun the spaghetti around her fork and watched her daughter frown at her yucky green vegetables. She figured Lexy must have sat through an episode about Italian dishes on the Food Network as well. How else would she know about brushetta? Kendra vowed to start spending more time playing with her daughter instead of letting the television become a babysitter as Lexy leaned into her doll and pretended to listen intently. With a mouth full of spaghetti Lexy turned to her mother and proudly stated, “Bianca said I don’t have to eat my vegetables if I don’t want to.”

“I think what Bianca meant to say is ‘vegetables are healthy for you and you should eat them’.”


Choking on her spaghetti, Kendra gave her daughter a look of outrage, “What did you just call me, young lady?”

Lexy’s eyes went wide with surprise, “I didn’t call you anything Mommy!” She recoiled and furiously pointed at her doll, “It was Bianca!”

Kendra opened her mouth to protest when she heard the voice again, “I said,” this voice was not coming from her daughter, “you’re a liar.”

Kendra shot an incredulous look at Bianca just in time to watch the doll slowly rotate it’s head towards her. It’s once innocent eyes transformed to those of pure hatred, and the smile on the rosy porcelain face was replaced with a frown. Kendra froze as the doll opened her mouth and hissed, “Lexy is mine.”


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