Friendly Romance

Friendly Romance

She knew she had said something wrong when his smile quickly disappeared and a frown slowly grew on his face. She immediately felt horrible. She didn’t mean to upset him; she hated it when those hurtful words came out of her mouth without her wanting them to. Her heart ached for him; she didn’t know what to do, so she did the first thing that came to mind.

“Aw, come here, Sweetie,” she said with a genuine sad voice. He slowly made his way closer to her as she wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace. “Honey I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart that I have hurt you so. I didn’t mean that. Please tell me you know I didn’t mean that.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed the top of his head. When she saw his frown starting to disappear, she put her finger underneath his chin and lifted his head up so she could look into his beautiful blue eyes. She smiled, “Look at me. Look into my eyes.”

He slowly lifted his eyes to her, as a smile started to dance on his lips. When their eyes locked, she felt a shock. Her whole body suddenly felt warm and her heart swelled. She loved it when he looked at her that way. It made her knees weak and her face turn a light shade of red. He knew how he made her feel even though she never told him. It was something he liked to toy with sometimes, her emotions. He had a way of making her feel so lightheaded and high one second, and then come crashing down hard the next. It was something she hated and loved at the same time.

Finally, his gaze penetrated so deep into her heart she decided to make a move. She slowly and gently put her hand on his chest where his heart was. She could feel the warmth and his heart beating steadily, softly. She nervously took his hand and put it on her own heart. It was time she said what she wanted to say. Her heart was pounding.

She looked deep into his eyes, searching for any sign that what she was about to do would be scoffed. When all she saw was warm happiness in his eyes she softly whispered, “This is yours….and it always will be…” She knew she had crossed the line. To joke about being in love was one thing, but they had agreed not to ever cross that line. But it wasn’t a joke. She wanted to make sure that he knew that this time, it was real. She was afraid that he would back away and she would immediately be lectured about the rules they had made for each other. So she was surprised when he smiled back at her. For a moment she thought her heart would leap out of her chest and she’d never be able to catch it. But catching it didn’t matter anyway, because he had already stolen it and she had no intention of getting it back.

She didn’t know what to say, so she waited, holding her breath. He slowly raised his hand and tenderly caressed her cheek. She looked lovingly into his eyes. She felt she wanted to cry. She realized her fears had been for naught. Her hand still on his heart, she could feel it start to beat faster. She knew hers was pounding at her chest and she was sure he could feel it. She almost wanted to pull away out of sheer embarrassment, but she couldn’t bear to loose what could be her only chance.

He took his other hand from her chest, wrapped it around her waist and pulled her towards him so that their hips were pressing together. She could feel his stomach against hers and their thighs in between the other’s legs. He drew her face near to his as she closed her eyes. She expected a kiss, but none came. Their noses touched, as their hot breath mingled together. He ran his hands through her long hair as he whispered, “I forgive you. How could I not?”

For a second she had forgotten what they had been talking about. She didn’t think she could have remembered her own name at this point. All she wanted was for him to hold her. She wanted to kiss him so badly. He could tell what she wanted, but he simply lightly caressed her neck; his fingers tracing down her throat to the top of her shirt. His touch made her shudder and send tingles down her spine. A quiet moan escaped her lips. She had told him about her sensitive neck. She had told him about everything. About how just a touch could make her shiver with delight. How just lightly running a finger up and down her skin would bring small goosebumps and make her more sensitive. She had told him this as a friend. Now he was taking advantage of this secret.

She tried to draw near enough to kiss him, but he wouldn’t let her. He was in control, and they both knew it. It was something she was unaccustomed to, but it made her love him all the more. He smiled and leaned in. Her eyes still closed, he touched his lips to hers, but not enough for her to taste his kiss. She shivered in sweet anticipation, she was not used to being denied like that, but she realized it made it that much more sweet.

In a soft whisper, she heard him say, “I love you.” Her eyes snapped open only catch his blue-eyed stare. He had been looking at her the whole time, watching her face as he once again, toyed with her emotions. Her heart did summersaults in her chest as she realized that she hadn’t imagined what he had said. She choked back the lump in her throat. She didn’t want to cry.


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