I Know You’re Alone

I Know You’re Alone

He threatened my life, Dan!” she screamed as she threw the cell phone hard at her husband. He caught the phone but almost dropped it as it smacked his palm. “Listen to the message! He threatened my life!”

Dan looked at her angrily as she paced the room, “He’s my brother, Amy! I know him better than you do. I know he didn’t mean what he said!” She couldn’t believe her husband was defending his brother over his own wife!

She was still shook up from the call. It was a message left on her cell phone a few days earlier by Stan, Dan’s brother. When she had heard it the first time, she didn’t realize who was talking. As soon as she had heard the first words of the angry message she froze in her tracks. Never before had anyone seemed so furious at her. Never before had anyone threatened her life; she didn’t know what to do.

It had finally crossed her mind that she should tell someone. She called her mother who immediately told her to call the police. Her fingers shook as she dialed the non-emergency number and described the horrific message.

By the time the police arrived at her house her mother was already there. She was consoling her daughter and they had listened to the message a second time. Amy knew it was from her brother-in-law. Millions of thoughts swirled in her mind. For the first time, she was actually scared for her life.

“Dan, I don’t care how well you know your brother. He spent two years in prison! You expect me to take this message as ‘playful banter’?” She was furious. She was mad at the police, she was mad at her brother-in-law, and she was fuming at her husband who didn’t seem to be taking the situation as seriously as she was.

That night the police had told her that it wasn’t illegal for someone to threaten a person’s life. They had had asked her if she wanted to press charges. But at the pleading of her husband’s family, she told them ‘no’. Today she wished she had said differently. She had at least counted on her own husband having a good one-on-one conversation with his brother. What she especially wanted was for her husband to beat the crap out of his little brother. When he got home and she recounted the story, he simply brushed it off.

She was enraged, “I wouldn’t put it past him, Dan! I believe he’ll do what he said. Why won’t you back me up me on this? Why won’t you at least talk to him? Why must you act like this is just nothing?” 

She threw her hands in the air as he waved his hand nonchalantly at her. “Dan! If this had been anyone else besides your brother you would have taken his head off! Why do you feel that your family is more important than your own wife!?” She was infuriated. Her stomach felt sour and her heart was torn. This wasn’t the first time he had put his family in front of her. But she thought this time was different. This time her life was on the line, and he was just brushing it off as sibling rivalry.

“Amy! This is my brother. I know he wouldn’t do what he said. He was just playing around or something. Just drop it, ok! I refuse to talk about this anymore! I’m going out.” He slammed the front door as he stormed out of the house. She heard the car engine revving and the squealing of tires as he left her alone.

She thought she was going to puke. She threw herself down on the couch and curled up into a little ball, holding her stomach and crying. Her face was beat red and she started to convulse. Her emotions overpowering her.

Suddenly the phone rang. She picked it up without looking at the caller-ID, thinking it would be Dan. The voice she heard was not that of her husband’s. “Amy. I know you’re alone.”


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