Jail Break

Jail Break

The punch came quick and hard. Guy rubbed his bicep and glared at Kyle, “You are such an ASS! When we get off this fucking rock, you’re dead!”

Kyle raised his fist mockingly and hissed, “Shut up you dick! You wanna get us caught?!”

The two were crouched on the metal rafters just above the security desk. The two guards on duty were too busy talking to each other to bother looking up and seeing them bickering. Guy and Kyle were waiting for the right moment. They were hoping that one of the guards would at least leave to use the restroom, then the two of them could handle just one guard. In the meantime, they were getting restless.

Their break finally came when one of the guards got up. The two stiffened and fell dead silent as they heard the guard say, “Well Wilson, if you don’t mind….I think I’m gonna give Jenny a call.”

Wilson teased him, “That girlfriend of yours still has you wrapped around her little finger huh?”

They heard the first guard chuckle and mumble something as he got up and went into the office and shut the door. Wilson angrily mumbled, “Pussy-whipped. Women are nothing but trouble.” Guy and Kyle looked at each other. Guy was antsy, he wanted to jump down and pounce on Wilson while they had the chance. Kyle put his finger to his lips and whispered, “Wait.”

Guy glared at him and frowned. Kyle pointed down and the two watched as Wilson kicked his feet up on the old metal desk and leaned back in his chair, resting his hands on his big belly. After a couple minutes, the big guard was fast asleep.

The two convicts smiled at each other. They started making their way over the rafters to the adjacent window.

They grunted and squeezed themselves over the beams, contorting their bodies in ways they never knew they could. They were in full view of the guard’s desk now. If Wilson woke up, they would be caught. They kept as silent as possible.

Finally they reached the small window. It didn’t look like they would fit through, but as Kyle unhitched the lock and pushed it open, the cool breeze of the outside air made them realize that they would do anything to get out of that place. Even if it meant cutting off an arm to squeeze out of a window.

Kyle turned around backwards and stuck his feet out of the window. “Ok, now you grab my hands and slowly lower me to the ground. When I’m on the ground, I’ll grab hold of your feet and help you down.” Guy simply nodded as Kyle slowly lowered himself out of the window and grunted, “Ok, now take my hands.”

Guy grabbed Kyle’s hands tightly and slowly lowered him the rest of the way out of the window. Kyle dangled there for a while. He looked down at the ground and saw that he was much higher up then he had anticipated. He glanced back up at Guy who was smiling at him.

Kyle’s eyes widened. Just before he could protest, Guy dropped his hold on Kyle’s hands and watched as he fell to the ground. When he saw that Kyle hadn’t broken any bones, he stuck his finger out of the window and flipped him the bird. Kyle stood up, brushed himself off and watched angrily as Guy stuck his feet out of the window and dropped to the ground.

As soon as Guy’s feet hit the ground, Kyle’ fist was in his face. Guy fell backwards to the ground and glared up at Kyle.

Guy looked up at Kyle with a bloody smile, “It was worth it, you dick. It was worth seeing that scared look on your pussy face and watching you fall. I’d do it over again if I had the chance.”

Kyle smiled and held his hand out for Guy. “Let’s get the fuck out of here, man.”


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