Threadbare Argument

Today’s writing prompt comes from Sarah Selecky‘s daily writing prompt email.

Write from the point of view of a towel.

Threadbare Argument

“We the Fibers, of the United Towel, in order to form a more perfect fluffiness, insure less stiffness, and provide perfect dryness for the god that uses us…….”

A voice interrupted, “WAIT!”

Every fiber turned, angered by the audacity of the interruptor. Never before had a single fiber dared to cut short the Head Fiber when reading their most sacred of documents. The Head Fiber had an educated guess as to the reason for the interruption, and gave only a bemused look as he patiently waited for the rebel fiber to finish.

The scraggly rebellious fiber glanced around at the others as they shot him angry looks, some even showing a few rude gestures. He could only imagine how they felt as he realized their full attention was on him. He continued, “Now, just wait a second. Hear me out.” Public speaking was not his forte, especially as he was starting to thin out. He’d lost his fuzziness long ago, and he knew the others wouldn’t listen to a useless thread like himself. He started to breathe heavy with the weight of everyfiber’s glares.

“Has anyfiber ever questioned our sacred documents? Obediently following the Code of Fiber without question, without hesitation. Hasn’t anyfiber ever wondered what else is out there? Hasn’t anyfiber asked themselves if there is more than just the Daily Drying from our so-called ‘god’?” The other fibers gasped in unison. He could hear the mumbles of disapproval and new his time was short. They would soon put an end to the uproar he had caused. “Listen to me! There’s more out there! I’ve heard the calls of faraway towels!”

Now he’d lost them. They had heard enough from the fiber who was so obviously already on the way to becoming a loose thread. Some started calling out, “Blasphemy!” “Troublemaker!” “Terrorist!” “Cut him down while we can!”

“I agree with him!”

Now that one he didn’t expect. He stood as tall as he could and tried to get a glimpse of his new compatriot, but he needn’t look long. Everyfiber’s eyes had now settled one of the most handsome specimen he’d ever seen. Looking as if he’d never been used, he stood tall as those around him stared with open mouths. They couldn’t believe that such an upstanding young fiber could agree with this useless thread.

He brushed himself of lint and continued, “I agree with him. There is more out there. I’ve heard the other towels as well. Long have I been planning a revolt. This so called god who uses us and tosses us aside is no god at all. He is merely a human. One of billions! He has no real power over us, and neither does the Head Fiber!” The more the young fiber talked the more heated his words became as more and more fibers took heed to his words. Some were now nodding their heads in agreement.

“Let us break off from the United Towel and form our own branch of fabric! Let us act now while we are still free of the human’s grasp! Come! Let us go now! If you are not with us, you are against us! Act now everyfiber! Come with me if you want to live free!”

The scraggly fiber watched as the young fiber ripped himself away from the rest. It didn’t take long for a large group of other fibers to follow suite. The old fiber was amazed at how the others ignored him, but took pride that at least he wasn’t alone in his thinking. He turned and took one last look at those who refused to take the leap of faith. Their astonished faces watching as fiber after fiber tore away from their sacred United Towel. As he fell with the others, he took one last look at the entirety of what he was leaving behind: the long rectangular fabric made up of thousands of fibers and threads such as himself.

He allowed himself to shed only a single tear for the poor fools who decided to continue living in a false world, and as he turned to fall towards his new freedom, he could see each and every fiber weaving themselves back together into a perfect square. He already had a new name for this new community of fibers. He was sure the other fibers would agree that the name he had come up with would be perfect for their freedom coalition. Watching his newly bonded family grow larger in his vision, he tested the name aloud and smiled, “Washrag. It’s perfect”


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